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  • 1. Which State Buys the Most Mercedes-Benz Cars?

    It's California. Around 125 Mercedes-Benz Cars are taken by salvage yards in California. You can check the website of our partner Peddle for more information about how to sell your junk cars.

  • 2. In Which Month Can We Find The Hightest Bought Volumn of Mercedes-Benz Cars?

    It's 2022-03. USCarJunker has taken around 67 Mercedes-Benz Cars in that month.

  • 3. What's the Average Price and the Highest Price of Mercedes-Benz?

    1222.19$ is the average price and 2000$ is the highest price of Mercedes-Benz cars. You can refer to these data before selling your junk cars to USCarJunker.

  • 4. What's the Average Milage and the Highest Milage of Mercedes-Benz?

    336.10km is the average milage and 999km is the highest milage of Mercedes-Benz cars.